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Sewage flow detection system scheme

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Sewage flow detection system scheme

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1. Background


In the sewage treatment monitoring project, many of the sewage treatment monitoring systems involved must be unattended equipment or monitoring points, which are affected by factors such as terrain, climate, and monitoring range, and are not suitable for data transmission methods such as wired communication and wireless data transmission stations. , And they also have the shortcomings of poor mobility, high cost, poor scalability, and inconvenient equipment maintenance. China Mobile’s NB-iot network has a wide coverage, high-speed data transmission and always-on features, and flexible tariff methods make NB The application of -iot communication in sewage treatment monitoring system has unparalleled cost-effective advantages.


2. Product introduction


The integrated radar flow meter is a fully automatic flow meter based on microwave technology. It uses advanced K-band planar radar technology to measure the flow velocity and water level of the water body in a non-contact manner. According to the built-in software algorithm, it calculates and outputs the real-time section Flow and cumulative flow; it can be used for non-contact flow measurement in rivers, irrigation canals, underground drainage pipe networks, flood control and other occasions; this product has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, high reliability, and convenient maintenance; the measurement process is not The influence of factors such as temperature, sediment, river pollutants, and floating objects on the water surface. The equipment built-in includes: radar flow rate, water level (liquid level) sensor, RTU, communication module, flow totalizer, management software, etc.


3, system composition


The system consists of radar flow meter, ultrasonic level meter, RTU, data acquisition center, solar power supply system, flow module, management software, mobile data card, computer, etc.


3.1 System architecture diagram:

3.2 Radar flow meter


The radar flow meter is a radar type non-contact flow measurement product. It uses the principle of radar speed measurement to detect the surface velocity of the water flow. The microwave radar is not subject to temperature gradients, pressure, impurities, floating objects, air density, wind or other meteorological environmental conditions It can work stably around the clock. At the same time, the radar can be set to different transmission frequencies, which can effectively avoid the influence of radar beam interference from adjacent products when multiple points are detected at close range.


Main parameter table:


effective distance


Measuring range


measurement accuracy

±0.01m/s;±1% of measured flow rate



Power supply range


Supply current


stand-by current


Communication Interface


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Protection level



3.3 Radar level gauge


The radar level meter adopts the latest technology, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy of the meter, has obvious suppression function to interference echo, and has perfect liquid/level measurement and control functions. The main chip adopts imported industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer, digital temperature compensation and ultra-wide voltage input voltage stabilization, and dozens of related ASICs. It has strong anti-interference, can set the upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment arbitrarily, and has on-site display, can choose analog quantity, switch quantity and RS485 output, and it is convenient to interface with related facilities. It can meet most of the level measurement requirements without contacting industrial media, thus completely solving the shortcomings of winding, clogging, leakage, media corrosion, and inconvenient maintenance caused by traditional measurement methods such as pressure, capacitance, and float.

Range: 0~5M, 

Blind area: <0.3M   

Launch angle: 12°

  Minimum display resolution: 1MM

  Precision: ±0.3%×maximum range

  Temperature compensation: automatic temperature compensation

  Digital output: RS485 (support Modbus)

  Power supply working voltage: DC12-30V

  Power consumption<1.5W

  Protection level: IP68

  Temperature: -10℃~60℃

  Relative humidity: 0~95%


3.4 Data acquisition hub


The data acquisition repeater is composed of a host, an RF antenna, a GPRS antenna and a GPS antenna. It has functions such as flow rate, water level acquisition and storage, instantaneous flow calculation, and accumulated flow storage. Including collection time setting, upload data time setting module.


3.5 Solar power system


The solar power supply system is the key equipment to provide energy for the equipment and maintain the normal operation of the system, including: solar panels, batteries, chargers, lightning arresters and other components.


3.6 Management software (monitoring data receiving system)


Monitoring data receiving subsystem (a vital subsystem in the entire system, it is responsible for the monitoring of various on-site real-time data and data reception, with unattended automatic work function); data analysis and statistics subsystem (monitoring system The core part of the system. It is the part directly operated and felt by the user. The C/S mode is used in the monitoring department for the staff to directly operate and use); the alarm short message subsystem (using the currently widely used mobile communication technology to develop a and Its useful function system, the terminal instrument meter sets the alarm value and combines with the SMS MODEM to quickly send the alarm information to the designated management); WEB publishing subsystem. Mainly used to display the water level, flow rate, flow and other information of each station. Its functions are: site management, real-time data viewing of all sites, real-time data, historical data, reports, curves, historical data export, and historical curve export of a single site. The platform can be used for free, if you need to build a platform yourself, you can analyze the data.


4, installation drawing


Installation drawing in the well



Installation diagram of solar power system



Installation bracket diagram of square well in the well



Installation bracket diagram of vertical well


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Sewage flow detection system scheme



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