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How to use water mixer

2021-01-08 15:49

How to use water mixer——The HSZ series bath thermostat water mixer produced by Chengde Longzhida Company adopts microcomputer control technology, uses advanced temperature sensor detection feedback method, and controls solenoid valve to automatically adjust the output water temperature. . The whole set of equipment is composed of two parts, one is the intelligent control electric control part, and the other is the execution part of the water mixing machine.


How to use the water mixer-first of all, you need to understand that the water mixer is just a water mixing device, which only has the function of mixing water and maintaining a constant temperature, not a heating device. This bath is mainly to understand.


Secondly, the water mixer needs to be plugged in when in use, and the hot water needs to be heated by another boiler or other heating equipment to provide hot water, and the water temperature is below 75 degrees Celsius. Or you can buy hot water, set the mixed water outlet temperature according to the digital display part, and wait for the water temperature to mix. This process is very fast, about 2 minutes.


Next, you don’t need to control anything, just leave it to the water mixer. The water temperature difference will not exceed 0.5 degrees Celsius throughout the day, and there is no need to hire someone to manage the water temperature. How does the water mixer achieve such precise temperature control accuracy? It is not a simple heat preservation, but a microcomputer detects the water temperature, the water temperature is under-temperature, over-temperature, and it will replenish and mix at any time. Let's take a look at the working principle of the water mixer.


(1) The electrical controller of the mixer is composed of a DC stabilized power supply, a single-chip computer, a temperature sensor, and control software. It is used to control the solenoid valve of the water mixing mechanical actuator. According to different flow, water temperature, the system automatically controls the actuator to output constant water.


(2) The execution part of Chengde Longzhida water mixing equipment is composed of solenoid valve group, mixing bucket, mixing blade and other actuators. Under the control of the controller, it realizes the full mixing of cold water and hot water. The pressure difference of the hot water is used to mix the cold water into the hot water, and under the action of the mixing blade, the cold and hot water can be fully mixed to output constant temperature hot water.


(3) The electrical controller of the desktop water mixer above HSZ-50BP is equipped with a variable frequency controller to control the output pressure of the cold water pump to achieve constant pressure water supply. At the same time, the electrical controller is equipped with a pipeline return pump circulation system controller, which can automatically circulate the cold water in the pipeline back to the water tank, avoiding the waste of water resources caused by the discharge of cold water in the pipeline.


The water mixer is easy to use and has stable performance. It is especially suitable for large baths and bathing places. It can also be applied to food processing that requires constant temperature water, or factory equipment cleaning and supplying constant temperature hot water, etc.

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