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How to increase the profit of the bath?

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How to increase the profit of the bath?

2021-01-08 15:52

Boilers are not allowed in the baths, and commercial hot water is used instead, that is, hot water is purchased directly outside, and canned hot water is delivered to the door for use. This is convenient and safe to clean. However, due to the price of commercial hot water, compared to boilers and baths The profit can be reduced. In particular, the state has recently introduced some new policies for environmental protection and energy conservation, one of which is to increase water prices in Xinjiang. In this case, water saving, especially in the sanitary ware industry, has become imperative. The days when customers used a few dollars to take a shower with long running water are gone forever. The use of sensor showers is made for water saving. Made outstanding contributions. However, because the sensor shower does not have a water mixing valve, it automatically senses the water output. The water temperature during bathing is more likely to be hot and cold, especially the campus card-type sensor shower. The water temperature is difficult to control when the water temperature is hot and cold. Security risks. How to increase the profit of the bath? How to make up for the lack of sensor showers? Use Chengde Longzhida water mixer.


What is a water mixer?


The water mixer is a mechatronics water mixing equipment device that uses temperature sensor detection, microcomputer control, and solenoid valve drive to automatically adjust the water temperature to reach the set temperature.


What is the scope of application of the water mixer?


The water mixer is suitable for the baths (rooms) of institutions, organizations and public places, and industries that require constant temperature water in chemical industry, printing and dyeing, etc. It can also be used in the cooling system of central air-conditioning, constant water temperature adjustment of heating system, etc. . If you install and use a steam-water hybrid smart water mixer, the area and manufacturing cost of the hot water storage tank can be avoided.


What are the advantages of a water mixer?

1. Intelligent water mixer. Automatic control of water temperature adjustment, convenient for water and energy saving.

2. The water mixer has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and long service life.

3. The water mixer has a wide temperature control range and high temperature control accuracy.

4. The water mixer is small in size and easy to install, which reduces the cost of water tank manufacturing and saves raw materials and construction space.

5. The water mixer is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and can continuously supply constant temperature water.

6. The digital display of the water mixer is intuitive and simple, and has the function of over- and under-temperature alarm.


What is the structure and working principle of the water mixer? How does the mixer increase the profit of the bath?

♦Structural composition of Chengde Longzhida water mixer:

The HSZ series bath thermostat water mixer produced by Chengde Longzhida Company adopts microcomputer control technology, uses advanced temperature sensor detection feedback mode, and controls solenoid valves to automatically adjust the output water temperature. The whole set of equipment is composed of two parts, one is the intelligent control electric control part, and the other is the execution part of the water mixing machine.


♦The working principle of Chengde Longzhida Water Mixer:

(1) The electrical controller part is composed of a DC stabilized power supply, a single-chip computer, a temperature sensor, and control software. It is used to control the solenoid valve of the water mixing mechanical actuator. According to different flow, water temperature, the system automatically controls the actuator to output constant water.

(2) The execution part of Chengde Longzhida water mixing equipment is composed of solenoid valve group, mixing bucket, mixing blade and other actuators. Under the control of the controller, it realizes the full mixing of cold water and hot water. The pressure difference of the hot water is used to mix the cold water into the hot water, and under the action of the mixing blade, the cold and hot water can be fully mixed to output constant temperature hot water.

(3) The electrical controller of the desktop water mixer above HSZ-50BP is equipped with a variable frequency controller to control the output pressure of the cold water pump to achieve constant pressure water supply. At the same time, the electrical controller is equipped with a pipeline return pump circulation system controller, which can automatically circulate the cold water in the pipeline back to the water tank, avoiding the waste of water resources caused by the discharge of cold water in the pipeline.


Chengde Longzhida HSZ-30A (wall-mounted) mixer parameters

Size: 890mm*400mm*980mm

Water output per hour: 30 tons/hour

Power supply voltage: 220V (380V after 50A)

Input water temperature: ≤75°C

Output water temperature: 32-48°C

Whole machine weight: 180kg

Output constant water temperature error: ±0.5°C

Initial temperature adjustment time: ≤2min


So where are the Chengde Longzhida water mixers used? Is it really effective?

Tsinghua University has been loving our water mixer for more than 20 years. The water mixer has a long service life. Because it is digitally displayed, after setting the mixed water temperature, the water mixer starts to mix water automatically and without manual supervision. Due to technological innovation, advanced electronic devices such as temperature sensors and solenoid valves have been added. The size, shape, and distribution of the mixing cylinder and mixing leaf of the actuator have been checked by thousands of experiments. Finally, the error that the mixed water reaches the set temperature within 2 minutes and the constant temperature outlet water temperature is controlled at 0.5 degrees Celsius is studied. With high temperature and low temperature alarm function. Taking into account the problem of large-tonnage water supply pressure fluctuations, Chengde Longzhida's technicians have installed a pressure-stabilizing device in the large-tonnage mixing equipment—a water mixer with a water supply of more than 50 tons per hour. It ensures constant temperature and pressure water supply, which has become the gospel of public baths.


How to increase the profit of the bath? We really want to create more profits for you and save water resources. Chengde Longzhida Water Mixer can reduce bath cost, manual maintenance of water temperature, and save water resources. With our sensor shower, it can increase your bath profit. Call us if you trust us!

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